The opening of CC in the old B&W Welding Hall marks an expansion of the art center by providing a new learning programme for contemporary art whose core element is collective experience. CC STUDIO is the overall term given to the facilities and programmes that we want to offer children and young people as well as adults.

We believe that art offers a unique foundation for learning. Art can provide a context for shared experience through activi-
ties, play, and dialogue, thus securing the foundations for a formative development that will encourage us to be active and engaged citizens. The concept behind CC STUDIO is to present contemporary art in innovative ways whereby art becomes a gateway to learning about the world via physical and dialogue-based art encounters based on active participation.

SUPERFLEX’ installation One Two Three Swing! is the first exhibition in this format.

Every year, a recognised international artist will be invited to create a site-specific total installation for CC STUDIO. The exhibition will serve to unite art and play into a combined physical and aesthetic experience. It will be possible to touch, walk inside, explore and use the art works, and thereby activate both body, eye and mind.

CC STUDIO will be offering a variety of programmes aimed at primary and secondary schools and young families, but also at post-secondary education, adults, companies, or other interested parties.


Please contact Senior Curator
Jannie Haagemann