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Copenhagen Contemporary (CC) offers teaching programmes, workshops and other activities intended for day-care and after-school care facilities, primary schools, and for organisations providing secondary and adult education.

The CC programmes generally last one, two or two and a half hours and include introductory presentations, conversations, small exercises and other activities that use our current exhibitions for inspiration. Together we explore art in ways that activate the five senses while at the same time encouraging openness and curiosity. We employ dialogue-based learning programmes and place emphasis on the need for children and young people to participate actively.

At CC we use art as a framework for collaborative experiences, activities, play and talk. We regard art as a unique tool for learning, and the art center as an alternative learning space which can help schools and other institutions achieve specific learning goals.

Our learning and teaching programmes are frequently the result of collaboration and dialogue between the participating students and teachers. So we invite you to contact us for further information and appointments. Please write to

You are also very welcome to contact us if you wish to know more about the possibilities of partnerships or have ideas for development projects.

At CC admission is free for:

•   Nurseries and kindergartens

•   After-school childcare / Youth clubs

•   Groups of children and young people if accompanied by their teachers – either intending to take part in a learning programme at CC booked in advance or to experience the exhibitions on their own.

Discounts are also available for:

Groups of higher education students if accompanied by their teacher and if they have announced their arrival in advance.

If you are visiting CC on your own and want information about activities and initiatives for you and your children, please look here.



Please contact Head of Learning
Annette Skov


One hour tuition: 600 DKK