CC STUDIO workshops 16:00–21:00

The Little Culture Night for children

On The Little Culture Night CC STUDIO invites children and their adults to explore art. With inspiration from our current exhibitions ‘I Have Grown Taller from Standing with Trees’ by Claudia Comte and ‘SIEZURE’ by Marianna Simnett we will in 3 open workshops explore the world of trees, patterns and our voices. You can drop-in any time and stay as long as you wish.
In our tree and plant workshop you can plant a tree, make a name for your tree and take it home with you. We ask the questions what is a tree? And Why are they important for our earth?
In the voice workshop we will explore our bodies trough drawing and the questions, have you ever tried to draw your own voice? And is it possible to create a collective drawing which unites our voices in one large image?
In our wood workshop you can chop, cut and burn in wood.
Recommended age: 2-12 years.
The workshops are free with a The Little Culture Night wristband.
More information about The Little Culture Night for children here.
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