Art Talk 18:00–19:00


Based on SUPERFLEX’ current installation ’One Two Three Swing!’ at Copenhagen Contemporary, CC has invited Bjørnstjerne Reuter Christiansen (SUPERFLEX), Kristine Samson (PhD in Performance Design), and Camilla van Deurs (Partner, Gehl Architects) to engage in a conversation on how aesthetic practices can shape inclusive urban landscapes.

How can urban spaces be understood as arenas of art? Can art contribute any concrete cultural and social values to help solve urban and social issues? What potential does performative and participatory art – and not least play – have in this context? During the talk, these are the kind of questions we will be addressing while allowing room for a dynamic dialogue between the panelists.

The talk will take place under SUPERFLEX’ large mirror pendulum in Hall 2.

The price to participate is the regular entrance fee to CC.

The Danish artists’ collective SUPERFLEX was established in 1993 by Jakob Fenger, Bjørnstjerne Reuter Christiansen, and Rasmus Nielsen. Since the early 1990s, SUPERFLEX have used their artistic practice as a tool with which to address social issues and actually refer to their projects as ‘tools’ capable of creating action and change. Their works often balance on the verge of being works of art and functional objects.

As Team Lead, Camilla works with her team at Gehl Architects
to develop Public Space and Street Designs. Camilla holds a PhD in Urban Design with a focus on urban housing and is an active lecturer on the Gehl methodology, speaking at conferences around the world. She is also an Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen, as well as a Board Member for the Danish Architects Association.

works with current urban phenomena in the link between art, urban spaces and urban planning. As a professor in Performance Design at Roskilde University she teaches Performative Urbanism and Design as situated practice. Kristine researches urban development processes in which art, social actions, materiality and urban landscapes collectively constitute change.

Moderator: Jannie Haagemann, senior curator at CC.

We look forward to seeing you!

Please note that for this talk guests are invited to sit down on SUPERFLEX’ specially designed carpet woven in the colours of Euro notes. There will only be few chairs available for those who need it.