Foto: I DO ART Agency

ART BAR 19:00–21:00

Performance: Chuyia Chia

Chuyia Chia

Under Art Week vil Copenhagen Contemporary fungere som et socialt mødested, hvor du kan afslutte dagen med ART BAR og et kunstprogram bestående af forskellige kunst-DJ’s og performances.

Participate in Chuyia Chia’s performance A thread of red between us. A red thread creates new connections between Papirøen and the audience. The thread is shaped as a flower which is given to another person in the audience as a friendly act, an exchange and as a symbol of the meeting.

Dj-set by Matthias Hvass Borello.

Free entry to CC’s exhibitions during ART BAR.

ART BAR is created in cooperation with Cph Art Week, Copenhagen Street Food and Norman Copenhagen.