Rikke Benborg, video still, 2012. Courtesy of the artist

ArtBar 26. August – 2. September 19:00–21:00


ArtBar is the Copenhagen Art Week’s art week’s social meetup venue located on the dock in front of CC offering a free-of-charge art event programme available to everyone. Here you can experience live concerts and art performances featuring both Danish and international artists in the company of good friends. Free entrance to CC between 7-9pm


Saturday den 26 Aug 19-21
Vinyl -terror & -horror
A vinyl-terror DJ-performance, with vinyl as the object in center.

Sunday 27 Aug 19-21
Rikke Benborg + Marie Eline Hansen
Melancholic mystery, visions, psalms and the power of faith are staged in an audio-visual performance.

Monday 28 Aug 19-21
Felia Gram-Hanssen og Eric Andersen
Across two generations Felia Gram-Hanssen and Eric Andersen explore and interpret a range of eachothers’ musical scores.

Tuesday 29 Aug 19-21
Hannah Anbert: ‘Sakralt Arbejde’
Mette Moltke Wozniak: ‘Tinder Till Your Fingers Bleed opført af Syvende og Sidst’
Up-beat pop musical karaoke about modern-day work life meets an exquisite assemblage of vocals in the pursuit of happiness and the perfect match.

Wednesday 30 Aug 19-21
Nástio Mosquito & Kids
Cph Art Week’s city artist, Nástio Mosquito performs songs from his new album “Gatano Emigrante & Pai de Familia” written in collaborationwith Mosquito’s band Dzzzzz and performed with Danish jazz musician Runo Lohse and band.

Thursday 31 Aug 19-21
Danius Kesminas
The Australian artist Danius Kesminas’ artistic practice is project-based and multidisciplinary. This night he will perform excerpts of his punk art-musico-theatre-film projects.

Friday 1 Sep 19-21
Hassan Khan
Exclusive performance with Hassan Khan, the world famous Egyptian multimedia artist. Sampling and streamed sounds draw on arabic music, minimalism and electronica. In collaboration with CODE Art Fair.

Saturday 2 Sep 19-21
Mini-koncert med CÉCI og dj Uffe + surprise guest
CÉCI consists of the London-based singer and producer Cecilie Dahlin. Cecilie combines her crystal clear voice with instrumental beats and creates contrasting tracks that feel like a mixture of mechanical and organic mantra.

ArtBar is realized in collaboration between Cph Art Week, Copenhagen Contemporary, LYDKUNST – Kunsten.nu podcaster, FABRIKKEN for Kunst og Design og Code Art Fair.