CC STUDIO Christmas workshop 14:00–17:00

Build your own swing

During three weekends in December, CC STUDIO holds a swing workshop where children can design and build their own swings. We provide the wood, rope, string, fabric and tools – as well as warm fruit drinks and Christmas cookies. It is up to each child to decide the look of his or her swing, and we are there to provide help if needed. Tuck it under your arm and take it home with you when it is done, or wrap it up so that it is all ready to go under the Christmas tree.

Before going into the workshop, we will visit our exhibition One Two Three Swing! for a swing on SUPERFLEX’s specially designed shared swings.

The maximum group size is 15 children. The cost of building a swing in the workshop is DKK 50 and no advance booking is needed. Once the admission fee has been paid, parents can attend at no extra cost. Admission is free for children and young people under the age of 18.