Foto: Laura Rechnagel

Performance 17:00–21:00


CC and Copenhagen Architecture Festival invites you to a performance, where one room becomes three in this sensuous installation.

One room, three experiences: shifts between sound, light and movement separate the three parts of the performance Spatial 3, where dancer/choreographer Louis Schou and architect Mads Bjerregaard Jeppesen explores what happens to our senses in the big city and modern life. The spatial trilogy focuses on some of the biggest challenges that arise in today’s big city life: egocentricity, social intimacy and consumer culture.

The audience is taken through three phases in the room: the techno room, the darkroom and the showroom.

Free admission, registration required – Register here.
Please note, if you wish to visit CC’s regular exhibitions the price is 75 kr,-

2 Performances:
— kl. 17.00
— kl. 19.00 (New showing)
— kl. 21.00


Foto: Laura Rechnagel