Art Talk 17:00–18:00

CC Art Talk: Vertigo/ light art

In connection to Copenhagen Light Festival, CC is delighted to host an evening about light on Wednesday the 20th of February. We have invited the Danish artist collective Vertigo to share their motivation behind the site-specific light installation EKKO and to talk about their work with light and art as a whole. Together with Refshaleøen’s architect Claudia Alex Laroux, the conversation will both reflect on the artwork’s central location on Refshaleøen and the area’s industrial history, which has heavily influenced EKKO’s audio-visual content.
Vertigo has had a leading position in the local light art scene in the recent years, developing new ways of working with LED technology and creating visually powerful structures. The auditory light installation EKKO consists of four 32m high LED masts standing in the corners of a 120 x 120 square, lighting up the central area of Refshaleøen with a total of 27.000 LED pixels. The industrial square once hosted the headquarters of Burmeister & Wain (B&W), a large established Danish shipyard and leading diesel engine producer. Vertigo once again highlights Refshaleøen in the Copenhagen skyline by reinterpreting the light that was previously characteristic of the area. EKKO revives the island’s original four light columns and illuminates the old shipyard area, now filled with exciting initiatives, culture and new life.
Moderator: Jannie Haagemann, Senior Curator at CC.
WHAT: CC Art Talk
WHO: Vertigo and Claudia Alex Laroux
WHEN: 20.02.2019 / 17:00-18:00
WHERE: Copenhagen Contemporary foyer, Refshalevej 173A, 1432 København K
PRICE: Participation at the talk is free. Access to the exhibitions costs the same as regular entrance.
We look forward to seeing you – everyone is welcome!
EKKO is an auditory light installation by the artist group Vertigo presented by Copenhagen Contemporary and Copenhagen Light Festival in collaboration with Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab. The site-specific installation takes place in four light masts from the old shipyard Burmeister & Wain (B&W) on the square in front of Refshaleøen’s welding hall, which today houses the international art center Copenhagen Contemporary. Each light mast constitutes a sound source closely connected to the light side of the work. 27,000 luminous LEDs move spectacularly to an auditory spectrum, ranging from fast, short tones into soft, floating tone surfaces in a pulsating loop. The visual and auditory experience is inspired by the shipyard’s welding flame from the innermost blue of the flame to the outermost orange glow.
VERTIGO is an artist collective consisting of Frederik Hilmer Svanholm, Vibeke Bertelsen and Mikkel Meyer, and is known in both Denmark and abroad for their way of using new technology to create enclosing installations with light and sound. Among other things, they have gained a great deal of attention with the installation The Wave, which has been shown at Ofelia Beach in Copenhagen as well as in London, Liverpool and most recently in Athens.
CLAUDIA ALEX LAROUX is a trained architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Over the past eight years, the Refshaleøen has transformed itself from an abandoned shipyard into a melting pot of visionary artistic and cultural projects. Through her practice in the tension field between curating, cultural trends and architecture, Claudia Alex Laroux has played a role in the transformation of Refshaleøen.
COPENHAGEN LIGHT FESTIVAL takes place from 1 – 24 February 2019 and invites citizens and guests to experience the city in a new way in the dark hours.The festival wants to contribute to realizing the City of Copenhagen’s vision of getting the city’s citizens to be 20% more outdoors in 2025 and to create a winter (holiday) cultural offer for guests and locals, so that we can attract guests in the quiet winter time as well. Copenhagen Light Festival takes place in small oases in Copenhagen’s inner city and harbor, but also in other neighbourhoods such as Refshaleøen, Christianshavn, Ørestad, Sundby, Amager, Nørrebro, Brønshøj and Frederiksberg to ensure experiences for the local and thus anchor the festival with the citizens.