CC presents a unique musical experience 12:30–13:00

CC x HAVEN: Pendulum Concert

As a satellite stage for the HAVEN festival, Copenhagen Contemporary presents a wholly unique musical experience. Beneath SUPERFLEX’ oscillating reflective pendulum, two sound works by the influential American composer Steve Reich will be performed by Bryce Dessner from the band The National and by the Danish band Collider.

Doors open: 11.00
Concert starts : 12.30
Duration: approx. 30 minutes

Steve Reich is widely recognised as one of the greatest composers of our time who, since the 1960s, has created a number of musical masterpieces. He was among the pioneers of minimal music and remains at the forefront of this genre. The pendulum concert at CC combines two of his works: Pendulum Music and Electric Counterpoint.
Pendulum Music (1968/1973) is a sound work where four microphones are suspended and set in motion above a number of speakers.

Gravity will make them oscillate like pendulums. In this way, the oscillation of the microphones creates a mysterious soundscape of feedback tonality. The work is set in motion by four performers – in 1969, at the Whitney Museum of Art in New York, the oscillations were started by artists and composers including Richard Serra, Bruce Nauman, James Tenney, and Michael Snow – at CC, the Danish euphoric shoegaze band, Collider consisting of Mikkel Fink, Marie Nyhus, Johan S. Polder and Troels Damgaard will make the microphones swing like pendulums.

After this, there will be a performance of Electric Counterpoint (1987) at the other end of Hall 2. The work is a minimalist composition in three parts: ’Fast’, ’Slow’, ’Fast’ played back to back. Bryce Dessner from The National will play accompanied by pre-recorded sound elements created by himself and will thus be playing along with, and opposite, himself.

The pendulum concert will take place in One Two Three Swing!, the large-scale installation by the artist’s collective SUPERFLEX. The concert will take place in the part of the exhibition where SUPERFLEX’ large pendulum is oscillating above a carpet woven in the colours of Euro notes. Visitors are invited to lie down and reflect on the economic structures and social forces that govern our everyday lives – and while lying there, one can reflect – and be reflected – in the mirror-like pendulum.

Tickets are DKK 100. Entrance to the current exhibitions is included. 
Tickets can only be bought on the day at CC’s entrance. 

From 11.00 until the end of the concert, there will be free admission for HAVEN festivalgoers wearing a wristband and they will also be free to visit the exhibitions at CC: SUPERFLEX’ One Two Three Swing! and Doug Aitken’s SONG 1.

The event is sponsored by Filmgear.