Concert 22:00–08:00

CC X STRØM: Sleep Concert among Claudia Comte's trees

Do plants communicate? And how does it sound when translated into music? We will find out at this unique night concert, that takes place in the Swiss artist Claudia Comte’s total installation I Have Grown Taller from Standing with Trees at Copenhagen Contemporary.

In the art center’s 1100 m2 large hall a forest of 45 six meter tall debarked trunks unfolds. Here you are invited to experience a sleep concert organized in a collaboration between Claudia Comte, Copenhagen Contemporary and Strøm.

In her total installation, Claudia Comte explores how trees are closely related and how they create networks, that are as essential to trees as they are for humans. Every trunk is positioned along a grid of millimetric precision, that function as the forest floor and mark the tree’s communication paths through the roots underground.

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Rasmus Juncker will translate biodata from the trunks in the installation to musical impulses through an eight hour long solo concert. The result is spherical music, communicated and created with synthesizers, percussion and effects. The concert is organized as a sleep concert and takes place over night. Bring your own sleeping bag and a toothbrush, and we will offer an ambient plant concert you can fall asleep to.

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What: CC x Strøm: Sleep concert among Claudia Comte’s trees
Who: Rasmus Juncker
Where: Copenhagen Contemporary, Refshalevej 173A, 1432 Copenhagen K
When: 22/2-2019 at 10 PM – 08 AM
Price: 150 DKK Tickets here.

RASMUS JUNCKER is a multi-instrumentalist and producer, and in June 2018 he released his critically acclaimed debut album “Ophold” at the American record company Kingdoms. In an unique and experimental way, the album connects ambient synth music with modern classical and electronic music. Since the release Rasmus Juncker has played a number of concerts with energetic improvisations on his many instruments.

STRØM is Denmark’s organization for electronic music and works for and with the electronic music environment. Strøm uses the urban spaces of the city – from open sites to dark night clubs, from monumental churches to public roads. All to match the musical aesthetics with a suitable environment. Strøm embraces local as well as international artists and presents everything from electronic club music to alternative niche genres with a strict focus on quality and inclusion.