Christian Marclay, The Clock, 2010, Single-channel video installation Duration: 24 hours. Photo © White Cube (Ben Westoby)

Day and night showing 12:00

Christian Marclay Special Screening No. 3

The Clock is a 24-hour montage comprising scenes from thousands of films that tell the time. In The Clock the viewer quickly realises how closely these moments coincide with our daily experience: different stories, situations and actions are played out according to the time of day they are happening on-screen. At these six full-length screenings of The Clock CC invites you to join at different times highlighting these synchronicities: Morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night.

For this third special screening we invite you to join us for a noon experience at 12 pm.

The Clock is always ticking – for these special showings CC is open overnight. Outside of CC’s normal opening hours (11 am – 9 pm) admission is 50 DKK. During the overnight screening the Anselm Kiefer exhibition For Louis-Ferdinand Céline: Voyage au bout de la nuit will be closed.