Finissage 17:00–00:00

Finissage CC X La Halle

Thursday 23 November CC and La Halle will officially say goodbye to the Paper Island, where we hope to see you for a celebration of the successful pilot project.

Over the past year and a half, CC and CC’s wine bar La Halle have worked ambitiously to create unique experiences on the Paper Island – artistic as well as culinary. More than 100.000 guests have visited the raw paper halls that have been the framework for great exhibitions, a significant number of events as well as good atmosphere over food and wine in La Halle. CC has managed to create a name for itself both at home and abroad with the exhibition series of world renowned artists such as Anselm Kiefer, Bruce Nauman, Pierre Huyghe, Sarah Sze, Bill Viola and others, has been voted the Best Art Experience in Copenhagen 2017 and mentioned in the press as ”…the most ambitious art gallery in the city – Copenhagen’s answer to MoMA(…)

CC’s pilot project is now coming to an end and we hope you will join us for a drink before closing the exhibitions at the Paper Island for the last time.

5pm-6pm: CC and La Halle serve free beer
6pm: Speeches by CC’s Project Director Jens Erik Sørensen and a representative of La Halle
7pm-8pm: Free Gin & Tonics, a glass of wine and snacks in La Halle
8pm-midnight: DJ’s are playing a party in La Halle

In the occasion of the Finissage there is free entrance to CC’s exhibitions between 5pm – 9pm.

In collaboration with Khora Contemporary we will show all 11 versions of Paul McCarthy’s VR piece ‘C.S.S.C. Coach Stage Stage Coach VR experiment Mary and Eve’ (2017) for the first time in Denmark. Experience the 11 versions at CC from 11am-9pm.

We look forward to see you!

NB. Sunday 26 November is CC and La Halle’s last opening day