Performance 15:00–18:00

CC and Yoko Ono on Inderhavnsbroen

Inauguration of Inderhavnsbroen

Copenhagen municipality inaugurates officially Inderhavnsbroen (The Inner Harbour Bridge), Friday the 19th of August and CC is participating in the event!

CC presents two works by the world-renowned Japanese artist Yoko Ono:

Experience Yoko Ono’s work SPACE TRANSFORMER – a performance urging the participants to make their own transformations as they move through time and space. Additionally, get a so-called wish tag – a paper to write down your biggest wish. Then CC invites you to walk to Papirøen (the Paper Island) and hang your wish on one of Yoko Ono trees in installation Wish Tree Garden.

Finally, you can finish off your day at CC with Carsten Nicolai’s visually stunning sound and light installation unidisplay.

We are open from 15:00-18:00. Free entry.