CC: Kulturnatten x Makropol 18:00–22:00

This night, Copenhagen Contemporary is open until 10pm and invites the visitors of Kulturnatten to discover the three current exhibitions. At Kulturnatten CC also presents a concert with the electronic muscician Yangze as well as special VR experiences with Makropol.

Kulturnatten at CC will have a special focus on virtual reality, as CC and Makropol (producers of the VR total installation ANTHROPIA in CCs Hall 1) gives the audience a special opportunity to experience previous VR works produced by Makropol, among others the praised Doom Room (2017) and EWA (2016), as well as an opportunity to test the TRAVERSE method called “idea weaving”.

”Idea weaving” can be considered as a form of a ritualized brainstorming session, a method used by artists in the development of Makropol’s ANTHROPIA.
During Kulturnatten you can get at taste of this method when you join small groups in a cozy living room where the creative forces will be let loose. Here you will experience one of Makropol’s previois VR works and try out the “Idea weawing method” (duration approx. 40 mins.). This night you can expect to be inspired – and perhaps even walk away with a manuscript for a brand new VR work in your hands.

In CC’s wine bar La Halle, you can experience the young electronic musician Yangze, who plays a captivating and visual set, while La Halle introduce special offers on food and drinks.

During Kulturnatten, you can also enjoy exciting art walks with CC’s art hosts, who will offer a deeper insight into CC’s exhibitions: Bill Viola, Ex Situ and CC LAB. Virtual Reality.


6pm – 10pm: Meet the VR studio Makropol and experience their previous productions as well as the method “idea weaving” (Note. Register to join at CC’s information desk the same day).
6pm: Art Walk with one of CC’s art hosts
7pm: Art Walk with one of CC’s art hosts
8pm: Art Walk with one of CC’s art hosts
8.30: Yangze Concert in La Halle
9pm: Art Walk with one of CC’s art hosts

The event is free for everyone with a pass for Kulturnatten.
With this pass you can also experience Makropol’s ANTHROPIA (NOTE: There is only room for a limited number of people in ANTHROPIA – booking at CC’s front desk is necessary).ABOUT TRAVERSE:

TRAVERSE is an annual recurrent laboratory and a method that brings together artists in cross-cultural collaborations. The goal is to collectively produce original and groundbreaking works that explore and challenge the cinema, the performing arts and the installation art and the visual arts. Every year a curator has the main responsibility for designing and formulating the artistic vision and the aesthetic, thematic and technological guidelines. The curating artist composes a team of progressive artists who have no practical experience with the technology and media chosen for this year’s collaboration. The curator also puts the methodological framework around the collective creation. In 2017, Virtual Reality was the chosen technology and media, and Johan Knattrup Jensen, as the curator, had decided that the collective work should be created in just two weeks and through a series of ritualized exercises. TRAVERSE is not just a creative method or a collective, cross-aesthetic work – future ambitions are to create a movement and institution that can lead the development of new interaesthetic phenomena. The purpose of TRAVERSE is to create a platform that ensures a durable and thoughtful progress towards new artistic paradigms.