The VR Archive for Performance Art

Thursday November 9th, CC offers an extraordinary virtual reality experience when Liveart.dk presents the ‘VR Archive for Performance Art’ in relation to the exhibition CC LAB. Virtual Reality. Henrik and Ellen Friis from Liveart.dk will be present to talk about the recordings and the project.

Liveart.dk is a curatorial platform for performance art actively working to cultivate the scene for live art in Denmark. Since the founding in 2004 the initiators have studied how to document performance art in the best way and the possibility of maintaining the glow of a live event. Virtual Reality (VR) offers completely new dimensions in this regard: VR is able to capture the space, mood, the relations between the audience and artist, as well as actions that occur simultaneously in several places in the given room. Just as live experiences of performance art are unique, the experience of the documentation will now be as well.

With the ‘VR Archive for Performance Art’, Liveart.dk is intending to create an archive where researchers, artists, students and other interested audiences can experience performance art works as if they were present during the original performance.

Stop by CC on Thursday, November 9th at 11am – 9pm and experience the ‘VR Archive for Performance Art’ consisting of works by Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Goodiepal, Kristoffer Akselbo amongst others as well as the performance Portable Organs by Ragnhild May and Kristoffer Raasted presented at CC during this year’s Art Bar. In CC’s Hall 2, Liveart.dks founders are ready to offer you live performance art in a virtual world.

Entrance with a CC ticket:
Under 18: Free
18+: 75 kr.
Students: 50 kr.

Read more about Liveart.dk here.

Read more about the VR Archive for Performance Art here.