Bill Viola


Bill Viola, Inverted Birth (detail), 2014. Performer: Norman Scott. Photo: Kira Perov. Courtesy Bill Viola Studio.

Copenhagen Contemporary (CC) is pleased to present American artist Bill Viola’s latest large scale work Inverted Birth (2014) for the first time in Denmark. Bill Viola is recognised as a pioneer in the medium of video art, known for his iconic, large-scale, slow-motion immersive video works produced over a 40-year career. Inverted Birth is a prime example of how Viola’s technically innovative installations have tran­scended the video genre. Towering to a monumental height of 5 meters, Inverted Birth explores the power of human emotions and the very nature of our existence; life, death, birth and rebirth. “Birth is not a beginning, death is not an end,” as Viola has remarked, quoting from Chuang Tzu (370–287 BC).